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Petrolicious: I Drive New York

It’s hard to imagine owning a car and driving around in New York, lack of real estate for garages and tight roads make it difficult to enjoy cars. Petrolicious visits three car owners in NYC who share their enthusiasm for their vehicles. All have one thing in common, a love for vintage cars.

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Vintage Transformers box art

Time for a trip down memory lane…remember the original Transformers cartoon? Hopefully some of you are old enough to remember the cheesy music, high-pitched voices and very serious narrator. I loved the show as a kid but what I really loved were the toys. Too bad they were expensive as hell back then, that didn’t stop me from staring at them at the toy shop. Back then all the artwork for toy boxes were done by great artists including the Transformers line up. Check em out, they don’t make them like they use to anymore.

Source: MashKulture

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Depth of Speed: JDM Legends Restored

I’ve been meaning to post the entire Depth of Speed series but I have always found myself distracted by hundreds of other things. Once I saw this video I knew I had to share it. If you haven’t heard of Depth of Speed, it is a 10 part mini series that Josh Clason is filming to helps other understand the history, passion and love that people have for the automotive industry. In his latest video, Josh revisits JDM Legends and learns why they love classic JDM cars. Eric from JDM Legends really hits the nail on the head when he describes current cars, they lack the character and personality of older Japanese cars.

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