Series 5 up for grabs!

Series 5 up for grabs!

Learning from last years fiasco (3 months late!), I quickly started to work on Series 5 after my Series 4 update in December. Everything worked out well and I actually had the shirts designed and printed in late April. Series 5 marks the 5th year I’ve been doing this shirt thing and I’ve been loving every minute of it. There is no better feeling then to create a design and have someone across the world love it.

For this series I decided to do something a bit different. It’s no secret that I love the street wear industry, many of my designs are inspired by the street wear scene. I decided that this series would have a shirt inspired by my all time favorite brands – sort of a tribute to them. As always thank you for the continued support and help spread the word!

All Time – Inspired by 10 Deep

One of the oldest street wear brands out there, 10 Deep continuously releases strong products season after season. What sets them apart are their strong graphic tees, original cut/sew pieces and catchy slogans. 10 Deep likes to create new original designs rather then recycle their past work, which keeps customers wanting more.

A recent obsession of many tuners, dropping the height of your car is a great way to improve not only performance but also the look. While most enthusiasts are content with a mild 2-inch drop, a select few are pushing the boundaries of how low you can go.

Bathing Stig – Inspired by A Bathing Ape

A Bathing Ape (BAPE for short) is known for being one of the most envied brands in the world with it’s ultra limited production runs, high prices and high profile collaborations. BAPE really set the standard for street wear companies with its funky/unorthodox designs and amazing storefronts. Their limited runs make the brand even more appealing since most of their stuff does not sit on the shelves for too long!

The mysterious test driver known for his amazing driving skills and his weird quirks makes another appearance on one of our shirts. Although the original driver was sacked, a newborn replacement was found to continue the legacy of the previous Stig.

Living Fast – Inspired by Diamond Supply Co.

Diamond Supply Co. is a California based skateboard accessory and apparel brand. Nick Diamond (the owner) is known for his great t-shirt designs that incorporate diamonds in ingenious ways. His creativity really captures what I love about design, as he likes to use different colours and textiles in his work.

Living the fast life has been a motto that many people live by. They say the fast life is all about money, girls and cars. Car enthusiasts are one of the few people that live it out in the literal sense.

MKV – Inspired by Obey

Obey is a street wear brand that was started by Shepard Fairey in 1989. What started off as a simple stencil, quickly turned into a full-fledged brand. The iconic image of Andre the Giant can be spotted in major cities across the United States.

The MK.V is the fifth generation model of the popular Golf. Some would say that the car has a cult like following, but there is no denying the MK.V enjoys a very active enthusiasts scene around the world. The combination of its agile handling, surprisingly fast speed and practicability makes it a very popular car.

Wack – Inspired by The Hundreds

The Hundreds is a brand based out of California, known for their laid-back style and strong graphics. The Hundreds is quickly turning into a power house with 4 stores and a long list of collaborations. One of my favorite things about the brand is the way they incorporate pop culture into their designs. In a way they are preserving the ideas that helped inspire them.

Fake parts are nothing new and its unfortunate that this industry has been around for years knocking off designs from the best in the industry. Lots of time and money is spent by these established brands to create the best products. It won’t be long until we lose these original companies, stop supporting fakes!

Posted by David Nguyen, 11 years ago.

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