S30 paper model instructions

S30 paper model instructions

After an exhausting couple of months of on and off work, my paper model project is finally complete. The S30 is one of my all time favorite cars and it’s only fitting that I build a model based on it. This model isn’t for everyone, in fact I think it’s pretty damn tedious. If you do decided to take on this project make sure to print off the template on card stock or heavy weight paper. I recommend using white glue to attach the pieces together.



1) Form the boxes of the under carriage where the wheels will attach

2) Attach the under carriage/side panels with the upper side panels (1A + 1B)

3) Attach upper side panels with the roof panel, be sure to glue part of the under carriage box to the roof as well (1B + 1C), glue the black tab of the roof panel onto the under carriage

4) Attach the windshield into place (1A + 1D)

5) Attach the hood to the body (1A + 1E)

6) Attach the lights to the hood (1E + 1F), finish gluing the under carriage to the hood

7) Attach the lower bumper to the hood panel (1E + 1G)

Rear Wheels

1) Form the barrel of the rear wheels (2B), attach wheel face to the barrels (2B + 2A)

2) Attach the barrel to the tire wall (2B + 2C)

3) Attach the tire wall to the tire (2C + 2D)

*do not try to glue the tires together in a different order, otherwise you will have a difficult time gluing the tire to the tire wall

Front Wheels

1) Attach the wheel face to the tire wall (2E + 2F)

2) Attach the tire wall to the tire (2F + 2G)

Put it together/Extras

1) Glue the wheels on to the car

2) Form the spoiler, side mirrors and glue them to the car along with the license plate

3) Celebrate! You just made one hell of a model, take some pictures and send them over to [email protected]

Posted by David Nguyen, 10 years ago.

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