Series 6 Update & Winter Sale

Series 6 Update & Winter Sale

Winter’s finally here in Canada right on time for winter line up of car inspired t-shirts. With every new season it gets a little harder to come up with new and interesting designs but I definitely think this is a strong line up this year. For the very first time I’ll be releasing a limited amount of fleece raglan sweaters along side my shirts. These fine sweaters feature a fleece interior, heavy weight and raglan cut. Check out the collection below:

Big Brother Shirt

Big Brother Shirt

For over a decade drivers have begged auto manufactures to revisit the entry-level sports car market. One of the most requested cars to be remade, the AE86 finally hit the market in 2012 for modern-day enthusiasts to enjoy.

Blueprint Shirt

Blueprint Shirt

With news Subaru would be jointly developing the sports coupe with Toyota, many weren’t sure exactly what Subaru would be responsible for in the project. It turns out that Subaru would play a major role in the vehicle by providing the bulk of the engineering and engine tech.

Living Fast Black Shirt
Living Fast Sweater

Living Fast (Black) Shirt & Sweater

Living the fast life has been a motto that many people live by. They say the fast life is all about money, girls and cars. Car enthusiasts are one of the few people that live it out in the literal sense.

Hats Off Black Shirt

Hat’s Off Shirt

One of the most memorable Japanese sports cars, the S30, was introduced to the world in the 70s. Costing less than other comparable sports cars, the S30 help broaden the market for Japanese manufactures. The S30 was given two different names depending on the market: the 240Z and the Fairlady Z. The Fairlady name came from the play “My Fair Lady” Nissan wanted to associate the beauty of car with the leading lady.

Seventh Heaven Gold Shirt

Seventh Heaven Shirt

The middle child of the RX-7 line up, the FC was the successor to the much-loved FB. The FC was heavily targeted towards the American market, hence it was inspired by the market leader Porsche. Evolutionary in design the FC relied on extensive uses of alloys to keep its weight down while boosting up the power of its rotary engine.

Tuck Shirt

Tuck Sweater

Tuck Shirt & Sweater

While the lowering your car is nothing new, it’s certainly been a trend that’s been gaining a solid following lately. At a certain point you really can’t lower you car any more until you tuck your tires (or tyres) under your fenders which might mean you’ll have to whip out a heat gun a fender roller.

Old stock has also been marked down and a special promotion is on right now! If your order 1 shirt get a decal pack, 2 shirts gets you a Weights sticker and 3 shirts gets you Deep Dish sticker + Club sticker. Happy holidays!

Special thanks to our model Maya T and photographer Nhi Le.

Posted by David Nguyen, 10 years ago.

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