2018 Japan Trip

2018 Japan Trip

It’s been a while since my last personal post but things are exceedingly busy around my life per usual. Japan has been on my list as a dream trip for quite some time now. For the past 5 or so years, I’ve only travelled to the United States for my vacations so I was quite excited to leave the continent. The trip was roughly 16 days, having us starting off in Tokyo while travelling to Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima and back to Tokyo.

I tried to calm myself to not hype up the trip but Japan exceeded my expectations, it’s very difficult the quantify the scale of each city and rich culture. The standout for me is just how developed the transit system is, each major train hub was equivalent to a shopping mall. Picking up a quick bite, especially a simple sandwich at the convenience store was a daily ritual while there.

The most memorable leg of my trip was a stop in Onomichi, a chain of seven islands where they have conveniently painted a blue line that cyclists follow to their heart’s content. The route is mostly flat but travels through each city along the coast with amazing scenic views. We stopped on the third island Ikuchijima which happened to have a shrine made entirely of Marble.


Posted by David Nguyen, 1 year ago.

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