2022 240Z Project Car Recap

2022 240Z Project Car Recap

Its been awhile since my post on the Datsun project or anything personal for that matter. The car has under gone a significant amount of work since it was first purchased in 2020. In 2021 the focus was mainly wheels for the car but due to the cost of building custom wheels I ended up going to a zg flare spec. That set off a long list of modifications including the suspension, front bumper and rear spoiler.

For 2022 I focused my attention on the engine. A 3.1 stroker engine was built with accompanying parts like a vintage triple SK carburetor set up and Mizukami exhaust system. Another major pain point was the roof, which was replaced with a carbon fiber shell and painted.


  • E88 head / N42 block
  • Forged JE pistons
  • Kameari twin idler gear
  • Kameari oil pan
  • Kameari oil pump
  • Kameari super street damper
  • Vintage triple 45mm SK carburetors
  • Vintage SK intake manifold
  • Mizukami 6-1 48mm header
  • Mizukami exhaust


  • Koyo radiator + oil cooler


  • Industy Garage carbon roof
  • Marugen Shoukai fender flares
  • Star Road front bumper
  • Star Road rear spoiler
  • Vintage Napolean Bacca mirrors
  • Marchal headlights


  • Nardi Classic wood wheel
  • Nismo kill switch lighter
  • Nismo shifter
  • Speedhut gauges
  • Recaro LX seats / Bride rails


  • Star Road coilovers
  • Kameari front + rear strut bar


  • Custom Work Spirit 33 – 15″ x 9.5JJ / 10JJ

Posted by David Nguyen, 10 months ago.

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