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Unlucky Cat Tsurikawa

June 11, 2022

Pay Attention to the size of the tsurikawas if you're looking to buy. It was way bigger than I expected and I don't know if I will be able to use it as I was planning on haning it from my tow hook. It may of been cool to drag them in the old days but I was hoping to keep this one nice.

It would be really great if you could offer this in a smaller size as well.

The quality is great and is exactly as described, but it would of been nice to have a picture showing scale or a disclaimer that these are pretty large compared to what most are.

Overall a great product though!

Ressha Melody Box

Verified Purchase

May 25, 2022

Very obsessed with my melody box. It ties my car together, and gives it a nice japanese feel to it. My only concern is sometimes it plays the chimes twice other times only once. Not entirely sure why but otherwise a fantastic product!

Heartbreaker (Short) Key Strap

Verified Purchase

April 7, 2022

I loved this when i got it back in January 2021, but the PU leather has been slowly ripping for the last couple of months to the point where it's gonna come completely rip. The Strap held up as perfect as the day I got and the pain did wear down as mentioned in the description. I just wish the PU leather keeping the strap and clasp was as durable.

Ressha Melody Box

Verified Purchase

April 3, 2022

Perfect Product for a lazy install..a bit pricey but good overall..instant delivery even overseas

Ressha Melody Box

Verified Purchase

January 12, 2022

Product is good but make some static noises when not working

Heartbreaker Tsurikawa

Verified Purchase

October 18, 2021

High quality Tsurikawa, but quite large in my opinion. Also the strap is fairly wide and I am unable to loop it around areas in my S14 where I find it suitable. I will need to modify the strap so I can hang it from the Windshield Visor elbow as it is too wide. Also I think the Tsurikawa needs to be sized smaller a bit.

Smoking Bunta (V2) Air Freshener

Verified Purchase

June 12, 2021

Goodddddd ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘👉🏻😘😘👉🏻😘👉🏻😘👉🏻😘👉🏻

Ressha Melody Box

Verified Purchase

June 7, 2021

After owning it for a month, I figured I should share some more detailed thoughts on my experience for those who are considering purchasing this.

It's a great product, but with a few minor issues. Sound becomes distorted near max volume, so if you plan to use this at max volume be aware that the otherwise excellent sound quality takes a hit. Max volume will most likely not be necessary for the majority of users but it's worth mentioning.

There are no included mounting options. Given the price, a strip of 3M double-sided tape at the very least would be appreciated.

Charging an additional $15USD to add your own track is excessive. For $90USD plus shipping, you'd be better off assembling your own device and loading your own sounds (which can be done for half the price with some rudimentary knowledge of wiring). With that being said, the included jingles and voices sound great, and offering custom sound and voice recordings is a nice touch.

The build quality is good overall but the buttons are mushy. For changing tracks, this isn't an issue, but for changing volume a tactile click would be useful.

Despite these criticisms, I really do like this device and would buy it again. There's nothing quite like it on the market, so if you would like to add a bit of flair to your vehicle, I highly recommend it.

Ressha Melody Box

Verified Purchase

May 15, 2021

If you're going to buy this thing, order 2 right off the bat for reverse and greeting, easiest way to wire it is to get a cheapo lighter extension and tap it to 12v and ground, same for reverse, just tap rear light 12v and whatever ground.

Only complaint was that the box doesn't really have any way to mount it to a car, you have to use either double-sided tape or pry the box open and drill holes.
There's a slight crackling of the speaker at max volume, but the thing is LOUD even in my padded bimmer, can hear it clearly even outside the car with the windows down from the footwell

Double Cup Air Freshener

Verified Purchase

May 7, 2021

It smells like a boys locker room in middle school so I wish they had other scents; but hey, it looks cool and I like the lowkey initial d reference

Heartbreaker (GDB) Shirt

Verified Purchase

April 29, 2021

An amzing shirt and fits great, just a bit long but that just may be my body compisition

Ressha Melody Box

Verified Purchase

April 8, 2021

Pretty cool! I really liked it, it is a tiny bit expensive, I feel, but it is really, really cool. I love it in my car!

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