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Verified Purchase

July 26, 2018

I'm pretty happy with this product, it compliments my car :)

Smoking Bunta (V2) Air Freshener

Verified Purchase

July 19, 2018

Very nice shirt, fits nice and is made from a good material. Also looks pretty neat.

The Buster (V2) Shirt

Verified Purchase

July 16, 2018

Fits just right and good quality

Love Lynn Tank

Verified Purchase

July 15, 2018

Awesome shirt with crisp, clear graphics!

Not OK Shirt

Verified Purchase

July 12, 2018

Great price, soft fabric, and quality feeling design. It will definitely survive repeated washes, unlike some cheaper print shirts. 5 stars for sure.

Liar (Black) Shirt

Verified Purchase

July 11, 2018

Could u explain why Iv had to wait so long for this item.. I'm very unsatisfied that I have not received it as of yet whilst the order was placed over a month ago and my other item arrived on time..

Wide Open (Black) Shirt

Verified Purchase

July 9, 2018

Super fast shipping on both my stickers and my air fresheners and excellent quality products! Will definitely use again!! Thanks heaps

Smoking Bunta Sticker

Verified Purchase

July 7, 2018

Great jacket to have. And is easy to carry around when not wearing it because it all folds into on of the pockets and can be worn around the waist

Heartbreaker (White) Jacket

Verified Purchase

July 2, 2018

The order actually still not arrived. I ordered the t shit on CarThrottle almost 1 month ago. Could you please tell me when the order was made and what shipping adress they entered.

The Buster (V2) Shirt

Verified Purchase

June 29, 2018

Awesome quality shirt, really soft.

Special Delivery (Gold) Shirt

Verified Purchase

June 25, 2018

I really like the design, and the quality of the shirt is great, except for the printing. I'm afraid the natural cotton strands underneath the printing will cause the printing to flake. It's endured 4 washings so far and there is a little bit of flaking. I hope it doesn't get worse. For all the EU customers - order one size smaller. That's what I did twice for different sizes (different people) and both fit perfectly ;)

Lightning Shirt

Verified Purchase

June 23, 2018

I paid for my air freshener and was directed to wait and I did but never received my item.

Mogi Love Air Freshener

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