Series 12

Series 12

For this summer our Series 12 collection draws inspiration from pop culture like One Punch Man and clothing brand Supreme. Using our take on these two icons we sprinkle a little bit of car culture – creating the Not OK and Sayonara shirt. Our popular Heartbreaker series returns with the curvy E46 M3, also returning is the Childhood Hero design showing off the striking profile of the Testarossa. Lastly, the Evo design returns in a new colorway – the design highlights the rear of the CT9A chassis.


Not OK shirt

Heartbreaker E46 shirt

Evo Red shirt

Childhood Hero Testarossa shirt

Heartbreaker E46 tank

Not OK tank

Heartbreaker bag

Heartbreaker Ignite sticker

Not OK decal

Posted by David Nguyen, 1 year ago.

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