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TJ Benton
June 22, 2017

Quality of the shirt is excellent. I have worn/washed it many times and have not had any noticeable shrinking, color fading, or material deterioration. I will definitely be purchasing more shirts from Import Bible and I would absolutely recommend them to my friends.

Top Down Shirt
Mayra Sanchez
June 22, 2017

My husband loved the shirt. This is my favorite place to buy him t-shirts. He is a car enthusiast and I love that I can find unique shirts for him.

Type G (Midnight) Shirt
Casey Lewis
June 20, 2017

Love the design and the shirts from you are always great quality. Love the printed brown paper wrapping and the handwritten message - really makes getting merch from you guys an awesome experience! Keep up the awesome work

F.Y.P.M. Shirt
June 20, 2017

Great decal and insane quality

Smoking Bunta Sticker
Karim Diab
June 17, 2017

Well I pre-ordered this shirt, and waited all this time to receive it. All the colors at the back are faded, which is the main print, the back. This is my first order from Import Bible and actually I thought it would be better than what was delivered. Thank you.

The Buster (V2) Shirt
Jennifer Wong
June 16, 2017

This is one of my favorite designs. I just had to order another one for my husband. The quality of the shirt is really good too. I've washed it several times and the design hasn't peeled or faded.

Old School (Final) Shirt
Steve Ramirez
May 22, 2017

Great shirt, love the quality! I bought it for someone as a gift and they loved it !!

Heartbreaker (F40LM) Shirt
Phillip Ngu
May 12, 2017

Awesome shirt. As soon as I saw it was a Ferrari F40, i was sold. Comfortable shirt and nice jobs on the design and printing. You guys always have awesome and unique designs.

Heartbreaker (F40LM) Shirt
Demetri Pauly
May 12, 2017

Very satisfied with the product i ordered, only complaint was the shipping time but it was definitely worth it

Mogi Love Sticker
Melrick Ibanez
May 9, 2017

Shirt is of excellent quality! Fits well.

Blueprint Shirt
Gabrielle Bowman
May 6, 2017

I ordered the f40 Heartbreaker shirt and I'm madly in love with it! The quality was great and it was well worth the wait! Thank you so much Import Bible!

Heartbreaker (F40LM) Shirt
Otis Scott
May 5, 2017

Cheap and cool, only thing is that it doesn't actually glow in the dark

Devil Z Keychain