Frequently asked questions is a compilation of questions that are commonly asked by customers, this was created to help answer the majority of questions asked by our customers.

Items/other questions

Can you give a discount for multiple shirts in one order?

No discounts are not given for multiple items.

Do your shirts shrink?

Yes our shirts shrink about 1 inch in every dimension when washed. Please check the product page for detailed measurements.

Is [product] available in a different colour?

All available products are shown as is.

Is [product] available still?

No. In rare cases stock may be updated during inventory checks. We do not restock items. Join the mailing to list to be informed when a product is reprinted in a new colour.

Privacy questions

Will my email, or any other personal information be shared?

Your personal information will only be used for fulfilling your order, it will not be shared or sold to any other third-party.