DC2R Blueprint

I started Import Bible in Edmonton Alberta, Canada around 2006. My intention was to create a helpful guide for popular import vehicles. My research started with the Acura Integra, highlighting common issues, preventative maintenance and tips on tuning this vehicle to get it to its peak performance level.

I soon realized that there was far too much involved in creating an extensive guide that would satisfy the vision in my head. I didn’t totally give up my idea. After looking around a bit for t-shirts that featured import cars, I decided that there wasn’t much out there that appealed to a younger audience.

I began designing highly detailed t-shirts that feature vehicles that we commonly see on the road today. It turned out to be a great idea as I’ve gained a great deal of interest. We’ve since grown into a place where people can buy shirts, stickers and posters featuring their favorite cars.

Featured In:


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  • Voltex


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