2023 Datsun 240Z Project Car Recap

2023 Datsun 240Z Project Car Recap

After spending what seems like a but load of money to clean up the engine bay of the original project car I was unfortunately involved in an accident leaving the car heavily damaged. Since it was just the start of the season I made the decision to quickly get back up and running again by purchasing a new project car. With the help of Jesse from Speedtech and Chris from Traphouse I was able to get up and running very quickly. Slowly throughout the 2023 season a few pieces were installed to get it back to a level I was satisfied with.


  • N42 head / N42 block
  • Forged JE pistons
  • Kameari twin idler gear
  • Kameari oil pan
  • Kameari oil pump
  • Kameari super street damper
  • Vintage triple 45mm SK carburetors
  • Vintage SK intake manifold
  • Mizukami 6-1 48mm header
  • Mizukami exhaust


  • Koyo radiator


  • Marugen Shoukai fender flares
  • MSA front bumper
  • Star Road rear spoiler
  • Vintage Napolean Bacca mirrors
  • Marchal headlights


  • Nardi Classic wood wheel
  • Nismo kill switch lighter
  • Nismo shifter
  • Recaro LX seats / Bride rails


  • Star Road coilovers
  • Kameari rear strut bar
  • Nagisa front + rear LCA


  • Custom Work Spirit 33 – 15″ x 9JJ / 9.5JJ

Posted by David Nguyen, 4 months ago.

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