Osaka Messe 2024

Osaka Messe 2024

After transitioning to working full-time at Import Bible, I plan to visit a different car show every year to draw inspiration from Japan’s awesome car culture. Last year, I attended the Tokyo Auto Salon, which was easily one of the craziest shows I’ve been to because of its sheer scale and the number of famous shops in attendance. Osaka Messe is very similar, with several large halls featuring both smaller local shops and large famous shops showcasing their cars. The overall style is noticeable, with fewer flashy cars and more emphasis on functionality.

The new Prius was a popular platform at the show and with good reason, it looks damn good!

The new Z was also a very popular platform at the show not surprising since car fans have been clamouring for a new Z for quite some time.

This Kenmari was quite nice but I could do without the wrap, looks like it was jointly built with the Mizuno Works.

Mazda’s new Spirit Racing had a large display showing off Miatas/3s.

A personal favorite of mine was the Tom’s Supra, classic subtle 90s styling.

Chibi CE28 and TE37 wheels were popular with the crowd.

Sadly not a lot of S30Zs on display I think this was the only one that I saw.

The upcoming Racing Miku x Bride seat.

The famous Template Racing club, really like seeing cars like this instead of show cars.

A very flashy display for a Koenig Special 560 SC, walking around the booth you will see another one!

Garage Vary Z34 kit looks really good, reminds me of the new Nismo design.

What appears to be a S15 with 240z front end swap.

Another Koenig Special, the details on the car were really cool.

Posted by David Nguyen, 4 months ago.

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