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Heartbreaker (JP) License Plate Frame

Verified Purchase

February 24, 2024

Looks amazing but be sure to check if it fits the plates in your country, it didn’t fit my car plates in Saudi Arabia, but i still found a good use to it

Prefecture V2 License Plate Seal

Verified Purchase

December 26, 2023

The seal is perfect and definitely high quality. I have no concern that it will last a long time and it looks amazing. The only issue I had was that the provided bolt was too large to fit in the holes on my BRZ. I am not sure why my car is different but I needed to buy a set of M5-.80x20 bolts.

Heartbreaker Mirror

Verified Purchase

November 11, 2023

The Mirror does a great job, sadly shipping cost were the same as the mirror itself, making it a lil oof.

Escudo Desk Mat

Verified Purchase

August 25, 2023

The ITEM is good but I got a letter from UPS claiming there was a France/EU import outstanding on the 'New' item i brought. 21 euro's which they demanded the payment for at the door.

Postage + item and the boarder force tax I paid just shy of 70 euro's for the mat which is excessive.

Tilt Plate Adapter

Verified Purchase

August 14, 2023

looks really good and quality of materials feels really good but sadly it doesn’t fit my car without modifying the bracket to fit the drilled holes in my bumper

Quick Fix Zip Tie

Verified Purchase

July 31, 2023

The best Style Zipties out there!

Mienai Backup Alarm

Verified Purchase

July 31, 2023

Great quality unlike some of the cheap plastic one the sounds quality is awesome aswell, can still hear it over my catless exhaust 🤷‍♂️😂

Anime Melody Box

Verified Purchase

July 31, 2023

Love this lil device! Has me looking forward to getting in my car more often 😂 Great customer service aswell!

Heartbreaker Light Up Sticker

Verified Purchase

May 23, 2023

Looks wonderful on the rocket, really necessary if you're planning on fliyng to space in style. Two things to note though. The thing makes a little noise constantly. If you ride without music or a roaring engine, you WILL hear it. The cord is a little bit short for slapping the thing on the rear window and having the ability to hide it between the seats and under the carpets, it just sits there on the rear seat right now. Whatever, in this case, style beats substance.

Start Button Pc Switch

Verified Purchase

April 16, 2023

The product is overall good quality. Easy to install if you're pretty familiar with PCs. But my concern for my pc is that it can either operate as an on off switch, or just lit up that does nothing.
I wish it came with two extra cables so that I can utilize all the functions of the gadget.
Maybe in future versions it will support that.

Ressha Melody Box

Verified Purchase

March 31, 2023

Overall sold af clean sound only thing is after a month of use its statics after the voice goes through and stays on for awhile. 80 bucks for something like this should be perfect but overall it’s very good for what it is.

Unlucky Cat Tsurikawa

Verified Purchase

March 18, 2023

Quality product, feels nice and looks very good, but the size its a little bit too big. Overall, I'm happy with the product.

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