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Ressha Melody Box

Verified Purchase

November 10, 2023

I will amend this review when someone amends the situation. First impressions: cheaply made. Within about 5 minutes of unboxing I was having problems with the volume function in that it would only turn down. With the volume stuck on zero I could not test the product. Then, it decided to start working and I turned the volume up. The speaker is very ‘tinny’ sounding at higher volumes which is pretty disappointing considering the cost of this thing. I heard a loud rattle in the box so I shook it gently and a screw fell to the bottom of the melody box. Last thing and arguably the worst thing: the screen detached itself at one side and is just floating inside the housing. Broken within minutes of use. They need some quality control on these before they’re shipped out.

Anime Melody Box

Verified Purchase

June 9, 2023

Audio is not taken from shows. Very cringey voiceover box. Probably cost $5 to make. Weebs beware! 🙏

Ressha Melody Box

September 19, 2022

Item is extremely overpriced. You could make about 6 of these for the price of $30-$35. M

Ressha Melody Box

Verified Purchase

December 19, 2021

I really liked it, but I’m going to have to order another, because after just one drop from a foot or two into my floor it doesn’t work. Will buy another because I liked it a lot

Heartbreaker (Short) Key Strap

Verified Purchase

September 2, 2021

I like it very much but I ordered gold don't know why I got black?

Unlucky Cat Tsurikawa

Verified Purchase

May 6, 2021

Nice material and nice look to it, but way to big needs to be smaller for hanging in someone’s car. I got it and can’t even put it in bc it’s just to big

Smoking Bunta (V2) Air Freshener

Verified Purchase

September 2, 2018

Ordered two, one came separated in the package (one side had peeled off the other). The other began falling apart the same way when mounted in the car for a few days. Otherwise smells and looks great but QC issues were a bummer.

Smoking Bunta Air Freshener

Verified Purchase

November 3, 2017

Cool having a bunta hanging from my mirror, but it only smelled good for a few hours.

Blueprint Shirt

Verified Purchase

July 5, 2013

Shirt shrunk significantly (not wearable anymore) despite washing it in cold water and hanging to dry. This is exactly how I've washed my other IB shirts and I've never had any shrinkage occur, so this seemed odd to me.

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